Montessori Education Week

February 25 – March 3, 2018

Celebrating the 110 year anniversary of Montessori Education

The concept of Montessori Education Week was born in the late 1980’s, as Peter and Rosann Larrow – then owners of the Montessori Child Enrichment Center – hoped to increase awareness of Montessori education. In the late 1990’s, the Larrows worked with the International Association for Montessori Education to reach a national and international audience by designating the last week of February as the official Montessori Education Week.

South Carolina –  the state with the greatest number of public Montessori facilities – receives a formal recognition of the week by State Governor Proclamations, which began in 2007. The South Carolina Montessori Alliance (SCMA) is proud to apply each year for the proclamation, as well as announcing Education Week events. SCMA also provides information on how your school can participate.

Send us your school’s events and we will be happy to post them on our website in advance, or send us photos or videos afterward and we will post them. Event information or photos can be sent to .

Optional Ideas for Participation

At the School Level

  • Participate in one of the South Carolina Montessori Alliance’s supported charities of Ronald McDonald House and Wells of Love and Hope.
  • Host a Video Talk event showing Education 2.0 by Dr. Steven Hughes or other speakers widely available on the Internet.
  • Create an exhibit at your school about your school’s history.
  • Create a photomontage about Montessori education in your area.
  • Hold a luncheon in honor of Dr. Montessori.
  • Celebrate the business sponsorships of your community and their contribution to education as a result of support.
  • Have the children write testimonials.
  • Have the parents and/or staff write and videotape testimonials.
  • Send a press release to the local news and radio regarding your efforts.
  • Create a People of Peace wall in your school, having each class choose a person of peace.

At the City Level

  • Create an exhibit at the local museum.
  • Offer an open house for VIPs in your area.
  • Send a press release to local media (see media kit
  • Conduct a food drive.
  • Make a theme each day inviting a different kind of civil servant to come in, such as Police Day.

At the State Level

  • Invite local legislators and leaders to events.
  • Organize speaking event.
  • Organize groups to visit the legislators in session.

The SCMA Board welcomes your input into how the state organizes the events surrounding this very important recognition of Montessori Education. Contact for suggestions and questions.