Montessori School of Camden Hosts IGS Training

Montessori School of Camden Hosts IGS Training

SUBJECT:  Press Release – Montessori Teacher Preparation Course

DATE:  June 17th 2014

How lovely it would be if Montessori teachers grew on trees! Mostly, they don’t; they work for one to three years of concentrated study and a year-long internship in order to grasp the fundamentals of demonstration of lessons and classroom management necessary to create the very special environment required for a Montessori education.

Adult students: Learning is fun!

MSC’s Primary A classroom is used for teacher training this summer.

This summer seven people from across the Carolinas gathered in Camden, SC to take the first step to become Montessori guides. The Institute for Guided Studies (IGS), the oldest Montessori teacher preparation program in the state, organized the week of training at The Montessori School of Camden (MSC), where the main office of IGS is located. The course, titled “Foundations of Montessori Philosophy and Educational Theory for the Early Childhood Guide” serves as the introduction to Montessori for those preparing to become classroom directors, and is also used as the course for Montessori classroom assistants. The coursework includes historical perspective of early childhood educators, theorists, and philosophers, the life and work of Maria Montessori, personal and professional development, peace education, stress and time management, staff and program management, communications and human relations, classroom management, community awareness and involvement and the art of observation.

Preparing to become elementary classroom directors are Hillary Henry from Berkeley County Schools, Elementary program candidate and Kelly Nevling from MSC. For these two the course is one of two preliminary courses before beginning elementary teacher preparation. Taking the course to become trained assistants are Allison Hilton from Montessori at Sandy Ford (NC), Catherine Catalano from the Montessori School of Columbia, and Magali Day, Corey Meyers and Maria Marinescu, all from MSC.

Listening to a student's presentation

Instructor Teresa Noble joins the students in circle.

Their instructor is noted Montessori teacher educator Teresa Noble. Ms. Noble holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, a Master of Education in Special Education from the University of South Carolina and a Montessori Early Childhood credential from Montessori Education Programs International.  She is retired from the public schools of South Carolina, with 28 years of service.  Teresa has designed language materials and consults for a Montessori materials company.  She serves as Program Director, Instructor, and Supervisor for IGS and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of The Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education.  She provides private consulting for Early Childhood and Primary Montessori institutions.


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